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With CloverDX 5.0, the first “CloverDX” release after rebranding from “CloverETL”, we have completely overhauled the Server user interface, bringing a modern look and vast improvements in usability.

The Server Console in CloverDX 5.0 is totally redesigned with these key goals in mind:

  • Easy orientation in modules by unifying their layout

  • Easy navigation between modules

  • More space for actual content

  • Comfortable user interactions (Create, Edit, …)

We have also improved how configuration issues in the Worker (see CloverETL 4.9) are reported.

New features in 5.0

New Layout of Server Console

We have completely overhauled the Server Console user interface, bringing a modern look, easier orientation and more real estate for content.

The available Server modules remain mostly unchanged, so orienting around the new version should take only a few moments.

Key changes to the Server Console layout:

  • Main menu has moved from the top to the left, allowing more vertical space for content

  • Some modules are organized into logical groups for better navigation

  • The screen is now made up of independent viewports that scroll only where needed

Improved “Schedules” Module

The Schedules module (formerly labelled “Scheduling”) has been redesigned to better serve complex, data-intensive scenarios. You no longer need to work between Scheduling and Executions History modules to understand what is going on.

With the new Schedules module, you can see the health of your scheduled jobs by simply glancing over the schedules list or filtering for “Errors only” - showing only jobs with recent failures (last execution failure).

There is also a failure indicator in the menu to quickly see problems that occurred and a direct navigation from the schedule to Executions History. All these improvements speed up the investigation of possible problems and therefore helps with quicker resolution.

Improved CRON Expression Editor

The Schedules module contains a new CRON expression editor that supports quick editing for advanced users but also provides instant validation and feedback to help users set the right schedule without unpleasant surprises.

Better Validation of Worker Configuration

The Worker—an isolated runtime process for execution jobs—was  introduced in CloverETL 4.9. With CloverDX 5.0, we have made its configuration more transparent and less error-prone. The new interface instantly validates Worker configuration and suggests potential issues, making the upgrade process from pre-Worker versions (CloverETL 4.8 or earlier) much smoother.

Community Edition No Longer Available

As of CloverDX 5.0 we will no longer be publishing the free Designer Community Edition. We are fully committing all our efforts to the CloverDX Data Integration Platform. You can try the full version of the CloverDX Designer for free for 45 days here.

Improved Stability With Large Memory Heaps

[Java memory configuration] As of version 5.0, CloverDX uses G1 garbage collector as a default, even for Java 8. This significantly improves stability when using CloverDX with large heaps.

Updated Java & Support for Application Containers

With the new version of CloverDX we have updated the list of supported application containers and Java versions. You can now benefit from the most recent versions.

Supported Java versions:

  • Java 8 (Oracle JDK)   
  • Java 9 (Oracle JDK)

Supported application containers:

  • Apache Tomcat 8.5
  • Apache Tomcat 9.0
  • JBOSS EAP 7.1
  • WebLogic 12.2.1
  • WebSphere 9.0.0
  • tcServer 3.2.9

Dropped support for:

  • Apache Tomcat 7, Apache Tomcat 8, tcServer 3.1.9, Jetty9, WebLogic 10.3.6 and 12.1.x, JBoss AS 6 and 7, Glassfish, Websphere 7 and 8.5
  • Java 7

We have also updated the CloverDX Designer to Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen).


To help you install or upgrade to this version, we've prepared a simple checklist:

Before You Upgrade

  • Be sure to check the "Compatibility" notes for ALL intermediary releases. We mark all changes that can potentially alter the function of your existing transformations with a "Compatibility" label. Typically, you can safely ignore most of them, as we try hard to keep as much backwards compatibility as possible. There's a comprehensive list of all releases that will help you get the information quickly.
  • Upgrade Designer and Server together. We always release Designer and Server together under a single version. It's highly recommended to upgrade Server and all Designers at the same time. Although using different versions of Designer to connect to Server might work, it is not generally supported.
  • There are no incremental patches. We don't release incremental patches. Every upgrade is in fact a full installation that, if installed over the older version, will automatically update whatever is necessary in your workspaces, sandboxes, and Server databases as needed, no user data will get overwritten.
  • Don't forget to backup. Although none of the above upgrade steps requires explicit backup, we recommend you always back up your work. The upgrade will keep all your transformations, jobflows, and configurations safe. However, as a good word of advice, it never hurts to have a backup.

Designer Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. If you lost your credentials or no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Install the new version of Designer. You can install Designer over your existing installation. The process will automatically clean up the old version. Don't worry, you will NOT lose your workspaces, graphs, and transformations. However, if you installed some additional plugins to Designer (Eclipse plugins) you might need to reinstall them. Eclipse should automatically help you do that. When you start the application, point it to your existing workspace directory. With some major releases, we may notify you about upgrading the workspace to the latest version. In such cases, you won't be able to use the workspace with previous versions—be sure to upgrade ALL Designers at once if you're sharing the workspace.
  • Activate the product on first start. You will need a new key as we issue new license keys for every new major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0). If you're on our maintenance program, we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license keys from there. If you can't find the latest keys, please contact us to renew your product maintenance.

Server Upgrade

  • New in 5.0: There is no special configuration required.
  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. You'll find Server in the same list as Designer downloads. If you no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Plan for downtime. Upgrading Server requires downtime, so plan your upgrades in advance. If you're running multiple environments, upgrade the non-production installation first and run all your tests there first.
  • Follow our step-by-step Server Upgrade Guide. We've prepared detailed instructions on how to properly shut down Server and install a new one. Server will upgrade its database and sandboxes from any previous version automatically.
  • Activate the product on the login screen of Server Console. Server requires new license keys with every major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0) and we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license key from there.


Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download


Fixed permanent conflict in synchronised project when Server runs on Linux with Java 9
Fix CLO-9557
Lines are not wrapped in logs displayed in Execution History
Fix CLO-15222
Fixed issues with showing content of binary files in Sandboxes module
Fix CLO-15203
Fixed content of context menu in Sandboxes module
Fix CLO-15235
November 20, 2018 Download CloverDX 5.0 5.0.3

Features & Improvements

New layout of Graph Structure Info in Sandboxes module
Improvement CLO-15082
Visualisation of global error for invalid license
Improvement CLO-14644
Improved layout of tracking tab and log file in Execution History
Improvement CLO-14623


Publish Data Service on multiple connectors
Fix CLO-15084
Improved performance of frontend of main modules
Fix CLO-14826
November 02, 2018 Download CloverDX 5.0 5.0.2


Fixed: Running graph with subgraphs is not shown in execution hierarchy tree
Fix CLO-14944
Fixed: Default encoding not set for "Upload ZIP" to Sandbox
Fix CLO-14972
Parameters provided to a graph are highlighted in Execution History / Detail overview panel so that you can easily distinguish your parameters from system ones.
Fix CLO-14907
Fixed: Link to Profiler Console is missing from login page
Fix CLO-14898
Fixed: Disabling failed schedule causes schedule status icon to disappear
Fix CLO-14883
Fixed: Can't import anything else after Data Service import
Fix CLO-14865
Fixed: Monitoring does not keep state after poll refresh
Fix CLO-14845
Messages (warnings) are now always displayed and do not scroll with content (e.g. tables).
Fix CLO-14597
October 15, 2018 Download CloverDX 5.0 5.0.1

Features & Improvements

Added a protection mechanism agains CSRF attacks to Server's Simple HTTP API
Compatibility Improvement CLO-14158 CLO-14405
Updated Tomcat to version 9 in CloverDX 5.0 Server Bundle
Compatibility CLO-14312
Fixed memory leaks for setups with large memory heap by switching to G1 garbage collector as Worker default
Improvement CLO-14311


Fixed: ExecuteGraph SOAP operation returns a response as late as its status changes to RUNNING
Fix CLO-12378
October 02, 2018 Download CloverDX 5.0 5.0.0
  • For Developers (Improvements most useful for developers bringing new functionality or optimizations in data transformation and orchestration)
  • For Administrators (Improvements or features that will help setup, install, administer and manage the platform)
  • For Support (Helps staff supporting the production environment to identify and escalate potential problems or avoid such)
  • For Security (Improvements and changes relevant to security focused staff – sys admins and developers alike)