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CloverETL 3.5.5 Production improvement and hotfix

This is a recommended update for all 3.5.x users, improving cluster job management and fixing some minor issues.

This release brings improved cluster job management, allowing faster detection of failed jobs. Plus, it fixes a few small issues in 3.5.x versions of CloverETL. For more detais, read below. For new functions and features, feel free to upgrade to CloverETL 4.0.

New features in 3.5

Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download


Improved handling of "running" jobs on cluster node that was lost
Improvement CLO-5721 3.5.5


Fixed: FastSort was losing records for extremely small run size
Fix CLO-5672 3.5.5
Fixed: URL dialog did not work for SFTP connection with certificate-based authentication
Fix CLO-3577 3.5.5
Fixed: Readers were showing checkConfig warning for port protocol
Fix CLO-5532 3.5.5
Fixed: Writers did not decode escape sequences in sandbox URLs
Fix Compatibility CLO-5660 3.5.5
February 25, 2015 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.5

Features & Improvements

Improved http multipart entities support in HTTPConnector component. Extended multipart entities mapping options.
CLO-5037 3.5.4


Fixed: syntax error while using multiple quote characters in DBOutputTable query
Fix CLO-5574 3.5.4
Fixed: cannot delete value for integer type attributes in component editor
Fix CLO-5558 3.5.4
Fixed: problem with simultaneous run of two Success components
Fix CLO-5463 3.5.4
Fixed: multipart entities attribute mapping does not work
Fix CLO-5036 3.5.4
January 19, 2015 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.4

Features & Improvements

Improved error reporting in case of usage of unsupported jdbc.dialect in the CloverETL Server configuration
CLO-4860 3.5.3


Fixed: deletion of whole sandbox in case of empty fileURL in DeleteFiles component
Compatibility Fix CLO-5114 3.5.3
Fixed: output dictionary was not working correctly in clustered graph
Fix CLO-5364 3.5.3
Fixed: first line in table was not visible and mapping lines were positioned incorrectly on OSX Yosemite
Mac OSX Fix CLO-5292 3.5.3
Fixed: missing files from root of project when exporting project to the sandbox
Fix CLO-5219 3.5.3
Fixed: designer was not starting in some cases on OSX
Mac OSX Fix CLO-4681 3.5.3
Fixed: strings trimmed for fixed-length metadata
Fix CLO-5225 3.5.3
Fixed: UniversalDataWriter was not creating directories in case of fileURL specified using dictionary
Fix CLO-2551 3.5.3
Fixed: problem with unregistering JDBC driver on JBoss
Server Fix CLO-4807 3.5.3
Fixed: minor issues with UniversalDataReader/UniversalDataWriter and fixed length metadata
Fix CLO-5083 CLO-3955 3.5.3
Fixed: SpreadSheetReader - problems with default date format
Compatibility Fix CLO-4866 3.5.3
Fixed: XMLWriter was not correctly handling zero input records
Fix CLO-4851 3.5.3
Fixed: ComplexDataReader selector rules order is not kept as entered
Fix CLO-5118 3.5.3
Fixed: Parameter override values are not passed to worker graphs
Fix CLO-5362 3.5.3
December 09, 2014 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.3

IBM Infosphere Virtual MDM integration

Integrated IBM Virtual MDM components (former Initiate components). Delivered as a separate update site and ZIP file with engine plugin for server.
New CLO-3769 3.5.2

Features & Improvements

Improved implementation of cluster asynchronous reliable messaging
Cluster Improvement CLO-4529 3.5.2
Updated JDK bundled with Designer installer to JDK version 1.7.0_51
Designer Compatibility CLO-4504 3.5.2
Started bundling JDK in Designer package for OS X (JDK version 1.7.0_51)
Max OSX Compatibility CLO-4004 3.5.2
DBOutputTable support for “RETURNING” in PostgreSQL (as of 8.2)
Improvement CLO-2887 3.5.2


Fixed Archivator task deleting server instance run history incorrectly
Server Fix CLO-4471 3.5.2
Fixed: The word "where" in an SQL comment used in Dynamic metadata query was incorrectly interpreted as part of the query
Fix CLO-4238 3.5.2
Fixed: SystemExecute was closing error file descriptor during execution
Fix CLO-4085 3.5.2
Fixed: Launch Service couldn't use Compiled mode unless “Save run record” was enabled
Server Fix CLO-3899 3.5.2
Fixed: DBLookupTable had incorrectly synchronized activeLookups variable
Fix CLO-3895 3.5.2
Fixed: AddressDoctor was missing “RangesToExpand” and “FlexibleRangeExpansion” attributes
Fix CLO-3894 3.5.2
Fixed: dash ("-") was passing through isNumber function as a number
Compatibility Fix CLO-3856 3.5.2
Fixed: Designer was freezing when parameter files were linked in “wrong” order – now it works for any order
Fix CLO-3697 3.5.2
Fixed SpreadsheetDataWriter dictionary streaming mode was not working
Fix CLO-3278 3.5.2
Fixed: attempt to connect to Microsoft Access (via Designer) killed the whole server
Server Fix CLO-2707 3.5.2
Fixed: StackOverflowException causing EULA not being displayed in Help>License Manager
Fix CLO-3843 3.5.2
August 24, 2014 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.2

AddressDoctor integration

Added support for CAMEO data in AddressDoctor
News CLO-3105 3.5.1
Added "MaxItemCount" for address elements standardization in AddressDoctor
New CLO-3108 3.5.1
Additional options for AddressDoctor configuration: EnrichmentGeoCodingType , MaxResultCount, ElementAbbreviation and StandardizeInvalidAddresses settings have been added, PRESERVE_INPUT option also added to PreferredLanguage and PreferredScript.
New CLO-3377 3.5.1
AddressDoctor missing attributes on output
Fix CLO-3163 3.5.1
Removed some of the irrelevant AddressDoctor options in the Parameters config
Improvement CLO-3162 3.5.1

Features & Improvements

View data dialog: 'Truncate strings and byte arrays' setting is now remembered
Improvement CLO-3379 3.5.1
When parsing deprecated format of parameter file (.prm from versions prior to 3.5), invalid lines are now ignored
Compatibility Fix CLO-3338 3.5.1
Inline CTL code (`some code`) can now be used inside DB password field
Compatibility New CLO-3454 3.5.1


Fixed Database Browser leaving JDBC connections open
Fix CLO-3596 3.5.1
Fixed performance of SimpleGather
Fix CLO-3538 3.5.1
Fixed executeGraph not propagating the nodeID attribute properly, so the load-balancer decision was applied for the execution
Cluster Fix CLO-3461 3.5.1
Fixed NullPointerException when attempting to run a graph that uses a secured parameter inside an unsecured parameter
Fix CLO-3455 3.5.1
Fixed sometimes incorrect navigation from Execution History to Sandboxes using the sandbox icon
Server Fix CLO-3378 3.5.1
Parameters in obsolete format (created prior to CloverETL 3.5) are now converted every time such parameters/or graph are saved
Compatibility New CLO-3257 3.5.1
Server users with an underscore in their names could not create Server projects from Designer
Server Fix CLO-3240 3.5.1
Fixed debug files being always created when running graph via RunGraph
Fix CLO-3171 3.5.1
Better error message when XMLWriter mapping dialog can't be opened (e.g. because of a missing field)
Improvement CLO-3037 3.5.1
Fix: DB Connection dialog - after selecting a different connection, values remain the same.
Mac OS Fix CLO-3024 3.5.1
Passwords are masked in component tooltips showing component's parameters
Improvement CLO-3011 3.5.1
Launch Services test page: fixed Test buttons and back navigation
Server Fix CLO-3009 3.5.1
Leftover temp files are now properly removed when uploading large files via designer-server integration
Designer-Server Fix CLO-2996 3.5.1
SpreadsheetDataReader: Fixed handling of null rows when using horizontal mapping and in-memory read mode. (component ending in an infinite loop)
Fix CLO-2983 3.5.1
XMLWriter: Fixed NullPointerException when more sorting keys are specified than actually used
Fix CLO-2924 3.5.1
Fixed invalid placeholders in "graph finished" email template
Server Fix CLO-2846 3.5.1
Fixed Pivot component producing wrong data for string keys
Fix CLO-2798 3.5.1
Fixed hidden menus contributing to an Invalid Menu Extension when opening graph
Fix CLO-1561 3.5.1
Fixed "Export graph to HTML" when complete project is select - images being created mutliple times, errors, etc.
Fix CLO-3611 3.5.1
Fixed HP Vertica DB connection failing to execute meta-function
Fix CLO-3287 3.5.1
Fixed DBExecute not reporting errors properly when ErrCode and ErrText are present with auto-filling.
Fix CLO-3075 3.5.1
Fixed how server determines "user.home" property: e.g. Weblogic on Windows
Server Fix CLO-2851 3.5.1
CTL2: function removeNonPrintable() incorrectly removes also all non-ASCII characters (unicode) on Java 6 - see details for more info
Fix CLO-1814 3.5.1
May 06, 2014 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.1


Cluster status monitoring
Cluster New 3.5.0-M1
Database connection robustness
Cluster New 3.5.0-M1
JGroups port discovery and negotiation
Cluster New 3.5.0-M1

Server/Cluster Administration

Configuration migration
Server New 3.5.0-M1
Monitoring UI
Server New 3.5.0-M1


Mongo DB
Engine New 3.5.0-M1
Exasol connectivity
Engine New 3.5.0-M2
HTTP Connector - streaming and binary data support
Engine Improvement 3.5.0-M2
Engine Improvement 3.5.0-M2
XMLWriter: Support for CDATA
Engine New 3.5.0
XMLReader: Mapping editor recognizes schema from xsi:xmlSchemaLocation
Engine New 3.5.0
HP Vertica connectivity
Engine New 3.5.0


Audit log
Server New 3.5.0-M1
SFTP key-based authentication
Engine Improvement 3.5.0-M1
Secure parameters
Server New 3.5.0-M2
Configurable value encryption (BouncyCastle)
Server New 3.5.0-M2
Password encryption in Server configuration files
Server New 3.5.0

Data Quality

Data Quality Package + Validator
DataQuality MajorFeature 3.5.0-M2
Validator: If-then-else conditional validation
DataQuality New 3.5.0
Validator: Output phone number formatting in PhoneNumber rule
DataQuality New 3.5.0
Validator: Rule descriptions
DataQuality New 3.5.0
Validator: CTL return codes
DataQuality New 3.5.0


Parameter files use XML
Engine New Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Parameters have description
Engine New Compatibility 3.5.0-M2


Tested CDH 4.4.0 & 4.5.0
Engine 3.5.0
Tested Impala (JDBC)
Engine 3.5.0


CTL error reporting
Engine Improvement 3.5.0
Engine 3.5.0

Known Issues & Compatibility

Changed behavior of string functions (e.g. isNumber) failing on empty or null strings.
CLO-945 Compatibility 3.5.0-M1
Changed behavior of base64byte() function
CLO-884 Compatibility 3.5.0-M1
Changed record count field to "long" in the Profiler - might produce incompatible integer/long in metadata coming from ProfilerProbe and ExecuteProfileJob.
CLO-884 Compatibility 3.5.0-M1
CloverDataReader/Writer data files not compatible between version 3.4 and 3.5 when these components are used in a mix of jobflows and transformation graphs. Read comments in related issue.
Jobflows CLO-1382 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Functions ceil() and floor() return decimal instead of number for parameters of type decimal
CTL2 CLO-2005 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Some conversion functions return NULL instead of throwing an exception
CTL2 CLO-1586 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Some date functions return NULL instead of throwing an exception
CTL2 CLO-1584 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Null 'case' values in switch() are now allowed
CTL2 CLO-737 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Function get() for lookups now always returns NULL for keys not found or NULL key, exception if unknown field is requested. Before, there was a difference between compiled and interpreted mode - returning null or exception respectively
CTL2 CLO-1582 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Fixlen data reading changed in regards to automatic trimming. Read the related issue
CLO-1405 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Built-in MySQL JDBC driver updated to version 5.1.26 (formerly 5.1.22). The new version is optimized for MySQL 5.6.
CLO-1886 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
FastSort defaults have been changed. Maximum open files is now 1000 by default, Number of sorting threads is 1
CLO-1775 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Old version of Designer on Windows is automatically uninstalled when new version is installed (only versions 3.5.0-M2 and newer are uninstalled)
Designer CLO-1028 Compatibility 3.5.0-M2
Handling of null/empty values in Validator
Data Quality CLO-1162 Compatibility 3.5.0
ParallelReader error metadata no longer uses integer for record number
Data Quality CLO-1162 Compatibility 3.5.0
ParallelReader error metadata no longer uses integer for record number
CLO-2509 Compatibility 3.5.0
EmailReader: Fixed inconsistent behavior on POP3 vs. IMAP
CLO-2501 Compatibility 3.5.0
Validate names of graph parameters
CLO-2235 Compatibility 3.5.0
XMLExtract: explicit mapping to have priority over implicit automap by name
CLO-2029 Compatibility 3.5.0
RecordFilter interface declares two isValid() methods
CLO-2668 Compatibility 3.5.0
str2bits does not check validity of its input string
CLO-2022 Compatibility 3.5.0
January 22, 2014 Download CloverETL 3.5 3.5.0
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