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CloverETL 4.0 introduces subgraphs, a powerful way of creating user-defined components that let you hide complexity and design data transformations on a much higher level, using business components rather than low-level data operations. Also, the new features that support subgraphs are very useful on their own – automatic metadata propagation reduces the need to manage metadata in transformations, while the execution view panel gives you easier access to debug information for faster development.



New features in 4.0


Reduce complexity, create business-level components, share your expertise. Create new components without programming. Wrap complex functionality into a simple interface.

Create new data sources and targets

Embed connections, metadata and other properties into subgraphs and share them with others.

Focus on business logic

Create a library of your business logic components, rather than low-level data processing functions.

Reduce complexity

Wrap logical parts of large transformations together into steps that you can easily drill into.

Share your expertise

Solve hard problems and share the solution with others. Everyone can contribute.


Related to this update

Automatic Metadata Propagation

Metadata are now automatically assigned to edges when possible.

Save time and effort

No need to assign metadata to every edge – they are determined based on the component and its surroundings.

Reuse transformations

Changes automatically propagate through complex transformations, making them easier to reuse.

Distribute with subgraphs

Metadata embedded into subgraphs are readily available in upstream transformations, with no linking needed.


Components related to this update

Execution View Panel

View execution history and visually access debugging data for subgraphs and jobflows.

Real-time tracking

Watch data in real time as it flows through your transformation or jobflow.

Access stored debug data

Just double-click any layer of subgraphs or nested jobflow, and inspect collected debug data.

Troubleshoot finished runs

Connect to jobs executed by the Server and visually inspect what data flowed through successfully, in order to find potential problem areas.


Components related to this update

Tableau TDE Support

Create Tableau Extract files (TDE), directly enabling rapid data preparation and development.


Components related to this update

Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download

Improvements - Designer

Improved XSD metadata extraction wizard
Improvement CLO-6720 4.0.8

Fixes - Engine

Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - improve hyperlink performance
Fix CLO-7116 4.0.8
Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - stream mode creates invalid xlsx
Fix Compatibility CLO-7122 4.0.8
Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - cells are styled as hyperlinks when they shouldn't be
Fix CLO-7268 4.0.8
Fixed - LDAP components can't handle values with forward slashes
Fix CLO-7483 4.0.8
Fixed - BufferedFastPropagateEdge does not correctly manipulate with big records
Fix CLO-7165 4.0.8
Fixed - DBOutputTable - 'Returning' does not return input fields unless some fields are generated in db
Fix CLO-5510 4.0.8
Fixed - MSSQLDataWriter corrupts date format defined on incoming metadata
Fix CLO-5494 4.0.8
Fixed - Incorrect handling of escape sequences in smb protocol File URL
Fix CLO-3052 4.0.8
Fixed - MongoDBReader placeholders not working in Projection and Order by
Fix CLO-7315 4.0.8
Fixed - RETURNING clause does not work with INSERT on PostgreSQL
Fix CLO-6726 4.0.8

Fixes - Designer

Fixed - SQL validation doesn't work when SQL code is valid
Fix CLO-7240 4.0.8
Fixed - XSD metadata extraction wizard crashes with GC overhead limit exceeded
Fix CLO-6721 4.0.8
Fixed - XSD Metadata extraction does not extract all elements
Fix CLO-6685 4.0.8

Fixes - Server

Fixed - NPE when executing a launch service before Server is fully initialized
Fix CLO-7344 4.0.8
Fixed - Graph event listener is executed before Server is fully initialized
Fix CLO-7044 4.0.8
Fixed - Cron expression editor corrupts the expression
Fix CLO-6507 4.0.8
Fixed - File event listener sets wrong value to EVENT_FILE_PATTERN
Fix Compatibility CLO-6964 4.0.8
December 07, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.8

Improvements - Engine

Added hyperlink support to SpreadsheetWriter
New Feature CLO-6980 4.0.7
UCanAccess is supported as default MS Access JDBC driver
Improvement CLO-6738 4.0.7
Backported Validator performance improvements
Improvement CLO-6697 4.0.7

Fixes - Engine

Fixed - data type conversion for dictionary lists and maps
Fix CLO-6850 4.0.7
Fixed - EmailSender ignores port defined in component's attribute
Fix CLO-6936 4.0.7
August 16, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.7

Fixes - Runtime

Fixed SQL queries ending with semicolon causing graphs to fail
Fix CLO-6561 4.0.6
June 23, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.6

Fixes - Runtime

Fixed: CloverDataWriter may report invalid checksum on append
Fix CLO-6015 4.0.5
Fixed: ExecuteMapReduce ignores the username from the connection
Fix CLO-6417 4.0.5
Fixed: Different behavior of DBInputTable with declared variable in TSQL between versions
Fix CLO-6413 4.0.5
Fixed: DBOutputTable prevents final commit when Commit=MAX_INT
Fix CLO-6100 4.0.5
Fixed: HTTPConnector returns WARN message even when successful status code is received
Fix CLO-6152 4.0.5

Fixes - Designer

Fixed: Heavy logging causes Designer to crash
Fix CLO-6317 4.0.5
Fixed: Crashing proxy process can kill the graph
Fix CLO-6243 4.0.5
Fixed: Extract metadata from SFTP does not work: File does not exist
Fix CLO-6175 4.0.5
Fixed: Inconsistent behavior between 3.5 and 4.0 when a local project name contains a space
Fix CLO-6097 4.0.5
Fixed: SpreadsheetDataReader and SpreadsheetDataWriter - mapping not possible with propagated metadata
Fix CLO-5974 4.0.5
Fixed: Error when opening Allocation dialog on component
Fix CLO-5968 4.0.5
Fixed: Error in View Data, grid mode on Reader with propagated metadata
Fix CLO-5960 4.0.5
Fixed: 'Validate connection' button doesn't work with SSL connections when using custom JDBC properties
Fix CLO-5908 4.0.5
Fixed: Updating bundled Designer using 'Check for updates' from an update site does not update all clover plugins
Fix CLO-5895 4.0.5
Fixed: Dialog for Metadata extraction from XSD should warn user when no element is defined in XSD
Fix CLO-6242 4.0.5
Fixed: XSLTransformer on OS X - values in XSLT mapping are not applied unless confirmed by clicking somewhere else
Fix CLO-6190 4.0.5

Fixes - Server

Fixed: Files out of the sandbox must be inaccessible when using sandbox relative paths
Compatibility Fix CLO-6046 4.0.5
Improvement: Handle "running" jobs of the lost cluster node
Improvement CLO-5721 4.0.5
Fixed: Some graph event listeners do not trigger their jobs
Fix CLO-6326 4.0.5
Fixed: CloverSecurityException is swallowed when multiple users are found in LDAP structure
Fix CLO-6228 4.0.5
Fixed: Cannot see old clover logs after server migration from 3.5.2 to 4.0.4
Fix CLO-5903 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - zero-length password should not be allowed for LDAP authentication
Compatibility Fix CLO-6089 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - only internally verified and registered session token is valid
Fix CLO-6047 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - Server Console forms are vulnerable to CSRF
Fix CLO-5898 4.0.5
Fixed: Security - move value of cookie "urlToRedirectAfterLogin" to the session
Fix CLO-5897 4.0.5
June 10, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.5

Fixes - Runtime

Fixed: Propagation of metadata defined by SQL does not work
Compatibility Fix CLO-5707 4.0.4
Fixed: FastSort may lose records for extremely small run size
Fix CLO-5672 4.0.4
Fixed: XMLExtract - " character is escaped to " (missing semicolon)
Fix CLO-5771 4.0.4
Fixed: Readers fail with "max number of records" when reading from input port
Fix CLO-5716 4.0.4
Fixed: File operations: wildcard resolution in sandbox root fails
Fix CLO-5680 4.0.4
Fixed: Subgraph component does not finish when running in a loop
Fix CLO-5296 4.0.4
Fixed: Proper reporting of graph configuration errors avoiding duplicates
Fix CLO-5265 4.0.4
Fixed: UniversalDataWriter: 'Create directories' cannot handle encoded URL
Compatibility Fix CLO-5641 4.0.4
Fixed: Exported custom component attribute reports nonexistent warning
Fix CLO-5070 4.0.4

Fixes - Designer

Fixed: Leaking font in Designer
Fix CLO-5691 4.0.4
Fixed: Leaking listeners in Designer
Fix CLO-5683 4.0.4
Fixed: Public secure parameter is not visualized with stars
Fix CLO-5414 4.0.4
Fixed: View data on writer subgraph shows its graph source
Fix CLO-5301 4.0.4
Fixed: Instance of Cursor should be created on demand
Fix CLO-5285 4.0.4
Fixed: Dropping .sgrf while zoomed in - Subgraph component is misplaced
Fix CLO-5288 4.0.4
Fixed: Too many "Resource is out of sync" messages
Fix CLO-5689 4.0.4
Fixed: \b not escaped when in database connection jar file reference
Fix CLO-3725 4.0.4
Fixed: Runtime memory report is confusing in Designer
Fix CLO-5426 4.0.4

Fixes - Server

Fixed: Scheduling "Run Now" button may trigger another task then the one on the same row
Fix CLO-5788 4.0.4
Fixed: Cluster nodes don't connect to each other by jgroups when both start at the same time
Fix CLO-5595 4.0.4
Fixed: Download Sandbox as ZIP permission detection on Windows
Fix CLO-5253 4.0.4
March 10, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.4


Fixed: Server fails to start on Weblogic12 with message 'Cannot initialize engine'
Fix CLO-5599 4.0.3
Fixed: Too many files in the sandbox make file event listener fail
Fix CLO-5561 4.0.3
Fixed: CloverDataWriter produces invalid clover data format when appending
Fix CLO-5556 4.0.3
Fixed: Persistence of A1digest for HTTPDigestAuthentication should be configurable
Fix CLO-5587 4.0.3
Fixed: View data on component using SFTP URL throws exception
Fix CLO-5529 4.0.3
Fixed: SandboxPermission should be deleted with UserGroup
Fix CLO-5478 4.0.3
Fixed: Log4j error message when starting Server
Fix CLO-3258 4.0.3
Fixed: Exceptions in server's command line when selecting Group assignment
Fix CLO-5358 4.0.3
January 27, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.3

Features & Improvements

Improved validation of installed Java version
CLO-5460 4.0.2
Better error reporting for invalid settings of secure server configuration parameters
CLO-5427 4.0.2
Added PARENT_RUN_ID and ROOT_RUN_ID parameters
Compatibility CLO-5471 4.0.2


Fixed: event listeners do not trigger event in case of subgraphs
Server Fix CLO-5454 4.0.2
Fixed: adjusted priority for explicitly propagated metadata
Compatibility Fix CLO-5456 4.0.2
Fixed: missing tracking info on edges with no record
Fix CLO-5445 4.0.2
December 17, 2014 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.2


HTTPConnector authentication behavior has changed–see more details
Compatibility CLO-5359 4.0.1


Fixed error with Designer hanging when opening graph with subgraph from non-existent sandbox
Fix CLO-5306 4.0.1
Fixed problem with deleting locked files
Fix CLO-5289 4.0.1
Documentation now contains the correct configuration property for configuring secure JCE provider class
Fix CLO-5257 4.0.1
Solved error with exporting previously-exported subgraph parameters
Fix CLO-5116 4.0.1
Fixed problem with server failure with NPE after starting with invalid encryption configuration
Fix CLO-5246 4.0.1
December 01, 2014 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.1


Subgraph support in Server runtime
New CLO-218 4.0.0-M1
Editing of subgraphs in Designer
New CLO-218 4.0.0-M1
Wrapping components into new subgraphs
New CLO-2897 4.0.0-M1
Automatic metadata propagation
New CLO-1475 4.0.0-M1
Subgraph functionality extended to standalone Designer
New CLO-4393 4.0.0-M2
Improved subgraph editor
Improvement CLO-3630 4.0.0-M2
Configure subgraphs as components
New CLO-3548 4.0.0-M2
Explicit metadata propagation
New CLO-3941 4.0.0-PROD
Open subgraphs on Ctrl + mouse click
New CLO-4602 4.0.0-PROD
Updated CloverETL perspective
Improvement CLO-4002 4.0.0-PROD

Server Administration & UX

Optimized Execution History tree for large numbers of jobs (10k+)
Improvement Server CLO-2418 4.0.0-M1
Added filtering of Executions History by sandbox
Improvement Server CLO-3005 4.0.0-M1
Always show and expand nested jobs when searching for job by its run ID
Improvement Server CLO-2550 4.0.0-M1
Use syntax highlighting in Server Console
Improvement Server CLO-2302 4.0.0-M1
Display warning on startup if Java memory is low
Improvement Server CLO-881 4.0.0-M1

Features & Improvements

Added graph Cleanup action to remove unused elements
New CLO-2963 4.0.0-M1
Added filter to Palette for searching for components
New CLO-2803 4.0.0-M1
Added MongoDB components to Community Designer
Improvement CLO-2822 4.0.0-M1
Added JSONExtract component to Community Designer
Improvement CLO-2822 4.0.0-M1
Added support for SSL client certificate in HTTPConnector
Improvement CLO-2598 4.0.0-M1
Added ability to export debug data to a CSV file
Improvement CLO-1938 4.0.0-M1
Renamed EmailSender attribute "Use TLS" to "Use STARTTLS"
Improvement CLO-2829 4.0.0-M1
Simplified New ETL Graph wizard
Improvement CLO-1670 4.0.0-M1
Added escapeURL function for ordinary strings, not just complete URLs
Improvement CLO-398 4.0.0-M1
Removed Marquee tool from palette
Improvement CLO-3181 4.0.0-M1
Added filename to UniversalDataReader log after error
Improvement CLO-1752 4.0.0-M1
Launch Service parameter names are derived from dictionary
Improvement CLO-3912 4.0.0-M2
Added a new toolbar in the Edit Component dialog with common actions
Improvement CLO-3754 4.0.0-M2
Jobs can have an execution label defined
Improvement CLO-3604 4.0.0-M2
Improved edge routing algorithm
Improvement CLO-3429
November 12, 2014 Download CloverETL 4.0 4.0.0
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