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Building on the foundation of CloverETL 4.0, we are enhancing several existing features and adding couple of a new ones. Based largely on feedback from our customers, this release is aimed to improve development of data integration jobs.

New features in 4.1

Optional Ports

Expanding the concept of subgraphs. It allows you to create subgraphs, where users don't need to provide all inputs or outputs.

Better support for AWS and HP Vertica

Adding native support for S3 protocol and better directory management in AWS. New connector for HP Vertica and improved field types support.

Generic Java components

Allows to turn Java code into CloverETL component. Be it custom readers, writers or any transformations.

Dynamically disabled components

Adding new ways to disable components. It is now possible to turn component into trash for debugging purposes, or conditionally disable component based on the connected edges or graph parameters.

Improvement to UI and UX

Updated tooltips, keyboard shortcuts, turning debuging on and off on all edges at once and many more improvements to help you develop your data integration jobs.

Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download


Spreadsheet mapping load data issue
Fix CLO-8763 4.1.4
Data Inspector duplicates records
Fix CLO-8740 4.1.4
Do not show Data Inspector if component doesn't provide any data
Fix CLO-8732 4.1.4
Cannot move component if Data Inspector is shown
Fix CLO-8656 4.1.4
NPE when disposing unused minigraph
Fix CLO-8284 4.1.4
Data Inspector doesn't allow focus graph editor
Fix CLO-8598 4.1.4
Data Inspector overlaps Console view and / or Execution view
Fix CLO-8602 4.1.4
May 31, 2016 Download CloverETL 4.1 4.1.4

April 05, 2016 Download CloverETL 4.1 4.1.3


Execute launch service without read permission on server
New CLO-7705 4.1.2
RichText formatting support in notes
New Compatibility CLO-7361 4.1.2
Data Inspector view
New CLO-6200 4.1.2


SpreadsheetDataReader looses precision when reading numbers into strings
Improvement CLO-8007 4.1.2
Allow copy from Data Inspector to clipboard
Improvement CLO-7592 4.1.2
View data export with headers
Improvement CLO-7021 4.1.2
Outline element copy/paste could produce element with distinct name
Improvement CLO-7498 4.1.2


WebServiceClient does not respect HTTP headers in properties
Fix CLO-7695 4.1.2
Populate parent record does not work when an element is mapped to a field with the same name
Fix Compatibility CLO-7984 4.1.2
Saving console output of a graph run into a file does not work
Fix CLO-7666 4.1.2
Sorting by Event source doesnt work in Task history
Fix CLO-7617 4.1.2
Flot performance issues
Fix CLO-7405 4.1.2
February 24, 2016 Download CloverETL 4.1 4.1.2


Starting Designer within 3-day anonymous trial period
New CLO-7312 4.1.1
Online registration directly from the CloverETL Designer
Fix CLO-7356 4.1.1


Fixed: View data doesn't work in subgraph
Fix CLO-7435 4.1.1
Fixed: StackOverflowError in the Monitoring
Fix CLO-7356 4.1.1
Fixed: JSONExtract adds empty string into list
Compatibility Fix CLO-7284 4.1.1
Fixed: CloverETL Server doesn't pick up the property on Tomcat
Server Fix CLO-7241 4.1.1
Fixed: Tracking of phase edges shows incorrect numbers
Fix CLO-7215 4.1.1
Fixed: Potentially wrong java.home used in server
Server Fix CLO-6741 4.1.1
December 02, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.1 4.1.1


Disable component as Trash
New Feature CLO-397 4.1.0
Enable/disable debug on all edges
New Feature CLO-6474 4.1.0
Improved subgraph port visualization
Improvement CLO-6334 4.1.0
Simplified conditional execution submenu
Improvement CLO-6334 4.1.0
Additional types of parameter editors
Improvement CLO-6333 4.1.0
CTL functions for parsing field mapping
Improvement CLO-5781 4.1.0
Improved content assist for parameters in the external editor
Improvement CLO-2943 4.1.0

Java Development

New built-in directory 'lib' in standard clover project
Improvement CLO-6799 4.1.0
Parsing of .classpath file by Server and ETL Runtime
New Feature Compatibility CLO-6335 4.1.0

Designer Usability

Edit the most important component attribute by CTRL+double click
New Feature CLO-6649 4.1.0
CopyFiles, MoveFiles: allow setting Source File URL by drag&drop
Improvement CLO-6158 4.1.0
Add "blinking" animation to Find component
Improvement CLO-6772 4.1.0
Add "blinking" animation when clicking on component hyperlink in Console log
Improvement CLO-6717 4.1.0
Advanced component tooltips: add subgraph description
Improvement CLO-6328 4.1.0
Rich tooltip for Subgraph Input/Output should show type of ports and icons
Improvement CLO-6702 4.1.0


Setup section for Server configuration
Improvement CLO-6258 4.1.0
Monitoring visual improvements
Improvement CLO-7100 4.1.0
Show progress bar for running jobs
New Feature CLO-6556 4.1.0
Use Java 1.7 file API in temp file management
Improvement CLO-6872 4.1.0
Show a view of graph classpath
New Feature CLO-6828 4.1.0
Provide information about allocated classloaders
New Feature CLO-6826 4.1.0
New execution flag to allow reusing classloaders
New Feature CLO-6511 4.1.0
Support path placeholders also in server configuration
New Feature CLO-4568 4.1.0
Schedule subgraph run as standalone
New Feature CLO-3770 4.1.0
Rename tab "Change password" to "Change credentials" in user configuration
Improvement CLO-6439 4.1.0
LDAP user name / email synchronization
Improvement CLO-6141 4.1.0
Scheduler should support seconds
Improvement CLO-5175 4.1.0
Add 'Save run record' option for scheduled jobs
Improvement CLO-5517 4.1.0


CrossJoin - support SKIP in transformation
Improvement CLO-6582 4.1.0
Automatic mapping and parameter propagation
Improvement Compatibility CLO-6497 4.1.0
Validator performance improvements
Improvement CLO-6111 4.1.0
Validator: IsDate rule strict mode
Improvement CLO-5961 4.1.0
XMLExtract, JSONExtract to support list types
Improvement Compatibility CLO-2054 4.1.0
XMLExtract - extraction of element content (children elements) with namespace
Improvement Compatibility CLO-2701 4.1.0
HTTP connector: add timeout and retry count property
Improvement CLO-1251 4.1.0
Improved logging when connecting to a PostgreSQL DB with PostgreSQLWriter
Improvement CLO-6396 4.1.0
Provide output record in RecordDenormalizer.append() method
Improvement CLO-6389 4.1.0


Preference page to configure embedded runtime classpath
New Feature CLO-5933 4.1.0
Ability to specify particular key for key-based sftp authentication
Improvement CLO-4868 4.1.0
Strict option for CTL date parsing functions
Improvement Compatibility CLO-6601 4.1.0
Make refresh after graph run configurable
Improvement CLO-6068 4.1.0
Update MongoDB driver to version 2.13
Improvement CLO-5947 4.1.0
Replace axis2 with cxf in the Initiate plugin
Improvement CLO-6083 4.1.0

Platform support

Java 8 support
Improvement CLO-6496 4.1.0
Support of WebLogic 12.1.3
Improvement CLO-5182 4.1.0
Support of Tomcat 8
Improvement CLO-6718 4.1.0


Remove RecordToKeyValues and KeyValuesToRecord components
Compatibility CLO-7086 4.1.0
Make online license activation working over HTTPS
Compatibility CLO-6383 4.1.0


Graph properties set in GUI are not displayed correctly
Fix CLO-6488 4.1.0
JDBC url in Designer: '\t' in path is interpreted as tab char
Fix Compatibility CLO-6970 4.1.0
Dynamic graph parameters were recomputed on every access
Fix Compatibility CLO-6809 4.1.0
XMLXPathReader: charset attribute is ignored
Fix Compatibility CLO-6708 4.1.0
Performance issue when using wildcards in ListFiles
Fix CLO-6675 4.1.0
Denormalizer with group size should send data immediately
Fix CLO-6532 4.1.0
SpreadSheetDataReader mapping remote files using FTP
Fix CLO-6512 4.1.0
HttpConnector GET fails, but CopyFiles works
Fix CLO-6504 4.1.0
EmailSender - unify null attachment handling
Fix Compatibility CLO-6502 4.1.0
Don't display reason of failed user login
Fix CLO-6438 4.1.0
Error messages reported via raiseError() should be preserved
Fix Compatibility CLO-4084 4.1.0
XMLExtract: charset autodetection does not work
Fix Compatibility CLO-6692 4.1.0
printErr() function should print to graph log
Fix Compatibility CLO-6482 4.1.0
Multiple error messages when Designer's connection with Server is lost
Fix CLO-4841 4.1.0
JDBC drivers: optimize classloader not to load drivers repeatedly
Fix CLO-4827 4.1.0
Disallow group assignment, when group synchronization from LDAP is set
Fix CLO-6118 4.1.0
September 09, 2015 Download CloverETL 4.1 4.1.0
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  • For Administrators (Improvements or features that will help setup, install, administer and manage the platform)
  • For Support (Helps staff supporting the production environment to identify and escalate potential problems or avoid such)
  • For Security (Improvements and changes relevant to security focused staff – sys admins and developers alike)