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This release marks another major addition to CloverDX Server functionality. Job Inspector allows support teams to work more efficiently thanks to visual representation of graphs, component settings and more along with execution log, all in one place.

To help users of Data Apps, we added advanced data viewer, allowing sorting and filtering data directly from results screen and many smaller improvements. For example, ability to define default values for any input field which makes use of Data Apps far more comfortable.

We significantly improved our support for complex semi-structured data (JSON and similar formats). You can now use new variant data type to transport complex data structures, read or write them using JSONExtract and JSONWriter components.

We are continuing our effort to extend our connectivity and data format support. This release introduces new CTL functions allowing you to work with Apache Avro format. Apache Parquet components introduced in previous release received some goodies and now support newer Parquet formats. We also improved our Kafka components which now graduated from Incubation. Azure Blob Storage joined ranks of our remote protocols to help you work with data in the Azure cloud.

More powerful Excel spreadsheet components are frequent asks. We listened to you and added support for reading and writing formulas and hyperlinks as well as many other smaller quality-of-life and performance improvements to our SpreadsheetDataReader and SpreadsheetDataWriter components.

CloverDX Server REST API now includes automation control features. It is now possible to enable and disable Schedulers, Event Listeners and Data Services using new family of endpoints.

And much more...


New features in 5.11

Job Inspector

Job Inspector is a new, integral part of the Server Console that will allow you to view your graphs and other types of jobs like jobflows, subgraphs or even data services directly in server environment without having to open CloverDX Designer.

Job Inspector will help you to quickly review overall data flow, metadata on all edges, job logs, component configuration and more. This makes it ideally suited for issue investigation on production. It does not allow any job editing so even users with limited privileges can use it to view jobs.

When job fails, Job Inspector provides means to efficiently investigate why an error occurred. For running jobs, Job Inspector provides real-time monitoring of job progress.

Capture of Job Inspector showing a graph in Execution History.

CSV output preview in Data Apps

Data Apps have become one of our core features as many users now use them to run variety of ad-hoc processes in simple and easy user interface.

CloverDX 5.11 extends Data App interface with more powerful data viewer, allowing users to work with results directly in browser. CSV data will now be displayed in rich table view with headers as defined in output metadata. You can sort, search and browse through your data.

Variant and semi-structured data

With our introduction of variant data type in CloverDX 5.6 we allowed engineers to build processes more effectively by native support of semi-structured formats - JSON and BSON.

In this release, we are improving this functionality by adding support for variant fields in metadata. You can now transport variant data throughout your transformations, use it in components without need for conversion to and from variant.

JSONExtract and JSONWriter now natively support variant so you can easily read or write whole (sub)sections of JSON documents into a single metadata field.

Formulas and hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel files

SpreadsheetDataReader and SpredsheetDataWriter were extended for reading and writing of formulas and hyperlinks. With the improved components you can read and write more complex and more interactive spreadsheets.

We also improved Map by name feature which is commonly used when reading files where headers can appear out of order. Automated mapping is more robust and predictable, thanks to normalization of header data and improved field matching algorithm. It will help you match your columns in wider range of cases regardless of letter case, extraneous whitespaces and use of special characters.

Azure Blob Storage connectivity

To support growing number of CloverDX deployments in Azure cloud, we are introducing new remote protocol - Azure Blob Storage. Azure Blob protocol can be used in all Readers, Writers and File Operations components. This allows you to work with any file type or file format (like csv, json, etc.) or work with files directly (to copy, move, delete, etc.). To access data in Azure Blob, use URL with az-blob:// prefix.


Apache Avro format support (Incubation)

CloverDX 5.11 adds one more data format to help you work with complex, semi-structured data – Apache Avro. We are introducing three new functions that allow you to work with Avro data directly in your transformations:

  • variant parseAvro(byte avroData, string avroSchema)

  • byte writeAvro(variant value, string avroSchema)

  • string getAvroSchema(variant data)

These functions allow you to convert any Avro data to, and from variant. You can then use variant to implement business logic to transform Avro data as needed.

Main use case for these functions is to help you work with messaging use cases that use Avro as the data format. For example, you can now easily connect to Kafka topic, pull Avro messages from it, map incoming data to your internal format and load into your target system.

These functions are now considered to be in Incubation. We will be working on further upgrades to extend these functions. Even though they are in Incubation, they are fully supported and you can safely use them in your production code as needed.



Latest additions to CloverDX Server REST API are methods which allow you to enable or disable automation features - Schedulers, Event Listeners and Data Services.

These API endpoints will help you build more complex automated deployments for your DevOps or DataOps processes.

Platform support

To help you run CloverDX in demanding and business critical applications, CloverDX 5.11 adds support for two deployment stacks – combinations of operating system, application server and Java JDK distribution – all with commercial support by their vendors.

To ensure the stability of the deployment, these stacks are supported as single configurations and should not be mixed with open-source alternatives or between each other.

Red Hat stack
This stack is built on top of Red Hat technology:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Red Hat OpenJDK 11
  • Red Hat JBoss Web Server 5.4

VMware (Pivotal) stack
VMware stack uses VMware (formerly Pivotal) application server and JDK:

  • VMware tc Server 4.1
  • VMware-supported OpenJDK 11 (BellSoft Liberica JDK 11)

We test VMware stack on CentOS and on Ubuntu Linux. We are still supporting existing tc Server 3.1 deployments even though tc Server 3.1 is no longer officially supported.

Compatibility notice

JBoss EAP 7.1 support

CloverDX 5.11 is the last CloverDX release that will support JBoss EAP 7.1 as target application server. CloverDX releases starting with CloverDX 5.12 (planned in September 2021) will only support JBoss EAP 7.2 deployments. We advise customers running CloverDX on JBoss EAP 7.1 to upgrade to JBoss EAP 7.2.

To help you install or upgrade to this version, we've prepared a simple checklist:

Before You Upgrade

  • Be sure to check the "Compatibility" notes for ALL intermediary releases. We mark all changes that can potentially alter the function of your existing transformations with a "Compatibility" label. Typically, you can safely ignore most of them, as we try hard to keep as much backwards compatibility as possible. There's a comprehensive list of all releases that will help you get the information quickly.
  • Upgrade Designer and Server together. We always release Designer and Server together under a single version. It's highly recommended to upgrade Server and all Designers at the same time. Although using different versions of Designer to connect to Server might work, it is not generally supported.
  • There are no incremental patches. We don't release incremental patches. Every upgrade is in fact a full installation that, if installed over the older version, will automatically update whatever is necessary in your workspaces, sandboxes, and Server databases as needed, no user data will get overwritten.
  • Don't forget to backup. Although none of the above upgrade steps requires explicit backup, we recommend you always back up your work. The upgrade will keep all your transformations, jobflows, and configurations safe. However, as a good word of advice, it never hurts to have a backup.

Designer Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. If you lost your credentials or no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Install the new version of Designer. You can install Designer over your existing installation. The process will automatically clean up the old version. Don't worry, you will NOT lose your workspaces, graphs, and transformations. However, if you installed some additional plugins to Designer (Eclipse plugins) you might need to reinstall them. Eclipse should automatically help you do that. When you start the application, point it to your existing workspace directory. With some major releases, we may notify you about upgrading the workspace to the latest version. In such cases, you won't be able to use the workspace with previous versions—be sure to upgrade ALL Designers at once if you're sharing the workspace.
  • Activate the product on first start. You will need a new key as we issue new license keys for every new major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0). If you're on our maintenance program, we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license keys from there. If you can't find the latest keys, please contact us to renew your product maintenance.

Server Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. You'll find Server in the same list as Designer downloads. If you no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Plan for downtime. Upgrading Server requires downtime, so plan your upgrades in advance. If you're running multiple environments, upgrade the non-production installation first and run all your tests there first.
  • Follow our step-by-step Server Upgrade Guide. We've prepared detailed instructions on how to properly shut down Server and install a new one. Server will upgrade its database and sandboxes from any previous version automatically.
  • Activate the product on the login screen of Server Console. Server requires new license keys with every major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0) and we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license key from there.


Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download

Security Fixes

CVE FIX - Spring: CVE-2022-22965
CLO-23227 Security


CloverDX Server 5.11.5 does not start on JBoss EAP 7.1
CLO-23296 Compatibility
April 14, 2022 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.5

Security Fixes

Upgrade Log4j to 2.17.1
CLO-22771 Security
February 22, 2022 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.4

Security Fixes

Upgrade Log4j to 2.17.0
CLO-22482 Security
December 21, 2021 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.3


Session token expiration breaks synchronized projects
CLO-22129 Fix

Platform Updates & Security

Possible XML External Entity (XXE) attack during configuration import
CLO-22021 Security
November 09, 2021 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.2

List Files Streaming

Option to disable streaming directory listing
CLO-21577 Improvement


Linux soft link stopped working when used within sandbox
CLO-21533 Fix
JSON Writer performance drop
CLO-21617 Fix
Broken layout of the action buttons on detail dashboard and data app tab
CLO-21544 Fix

Platform Updates & Security

Update Avro to 1.10.2
CLO-21552 Fix
August 10, 2021 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.1

Job Inspector

Job Inspector - graphical viewer for job files in Server UI
CLO-20914 Improvement

Variant Support

Add support for Variant data type into CTL
CLO-20865 Improvement
Support variant data field in JsonWriter
CLO-21034 Improvement
Support variant data field in JsonExtract
CLO-21024 Improvement
Deprecate writeExtendedBson() function
CLO-21076 Improvement

Azure Blob Storage

Support for Azure Blob Storage
CLO-20703 Improvement

Spreadsheet Components

Add support for reading formulas from Excel sheet
CLO-20800 Improvement
Hyperlink support in SpreadsheetReader
CLO-20906 Improvement
Update data policy handling in SpreadsheetReader
CLO-20801 Improvement
Make SpreadsheetDataReader mapping case insensitive
CLO-20574 Improvement
Update Apache POI to 5.0
CLO-20808 Improvement

Data Apps

Proper display of CSV output for Data Apps
CLO-20793 Improvement
Support for CSV with headers in RestJob and Data Apps
CLO-18529 Improvement
Add support for default values of Data App parameters
CLO-18798 Improvement
Data Apps "Run App" button should be inactive when app configuration is invalid
CLO-21206 Improvement


Updated kafka-client library from 2.7.0 to latest 2.8.0
CLO-21252 Improvement
Move Kafka components from incubation to regular category
CLO-20986 Improvement
Improve Kafka components logging
CLO-21282 Improvement


ParquetWriter - add error port
CLO-20842 Improvement
ParquetWriter - use metadata labels instead of names for fields and schema name
CLO-20804 Improvement
ParquetWriter - add unsupported primitive types
CLO-20760 Improvement
Parquet V2 DataPages support
CLO-20820 Improvement


Add CTL functions to support Avro format
CLO-20682 Improvement


REST API - enable/disable scheduler/listener/dataservice
CLO-20550 Improvement

Oracle Database

Upgrade supported version of Oracle server database
CLO-18319 Improvement
Update oracle jdbc driver in product
CLO-21332 Improvement


Support multiple versions of IBM MDM
CLO-21040 Improvement

Deployment Stacks

Add support for Red Hat stack deployments
CLO-20713 Improvement
Add support for Pivotal (VMware) stack deployments
CLO-20714 Improvement


Upgrade AWS SDK libraries
CLO-20834 Improvement
Job load balancer should use more precise CPU info
CLO-21263 Improvement
Change layout of the Login page on the Server
CLO-20477 Improvement
Update java 11 in Docker image
CLO-19172 Improvement

Security Fixes

Update spring to 5.1.18
Update embedded Tomcat to 9.0.45
CLO-21176 Security
Update snakeyaml to 1.26
CLO-21175 Security
Update postgresql JDBC driver to 42.2.13
CLO-21173 Security
Update mysql-connector-java to 5.1.49
CLO-21172 Security
Update javax.servlet.jsp.jstl-api to 1.2.3
CLO-21170 Security
Update jasypt to 1.9.3
CLO-21169 Security
Update hibernate-core to 5.3.18.Final
CLO-21168 Security
Update commons-beanutils to 1.9.4
CLO-21167 Security
Azure - increase enforced password length to 12 chars
CLO-21287 Security


KafkaWriter does not support some of compress algorithms
CLO-20659 Fix
FileEventListeners stop to perform file system check
CLO-20647 Fix
Archivator fails with LockAcquisitionException
CLO-21413 Fix
CTL nonexisting field usage - error reporting regression
CLO-21372 Fix
Data Service - SFTP Connection in Output File Section Ignores ssh-keys
CLO-21318 Fix
Directory listing may fail with NoSuchFileException on Linux
CLO-21303 Fix
Missing null json elements when mapping into variant
CLO-21274 Fix
Event Listeners Listening on S3 Performance Issue
CLO-21130 Fix
ParquetWriter - success port should provide fileURL
CLO-21029 Fix
Master password cannot be stored in Keychain on macOS
CLO-20997 Fix
Invalid filename in multipart/form-data
CLO-20992 Fix
Cloud marketplace - forward ports on localhost as well
CLO-20991 Fix
Parquet - change default value for UTC adjustment attribute of Time logical type
CLO-20988 Fix
Parquet Schema dialog - error opening with Integer mapped to invalid field type
CLO-20971 Fix
Kafka listener is not listed in license page in UI
CLO-20827 Fix
DBExecute fails in case no record in the input port
CLO-20679 Fix
EmailReader Error when Reading Attachment
CLO-20621 Fix
Dropped driver for Firebird is still available in Create DB Connection dialog
CLO-20552 Fix
Internal server exception is not logged when calling API
CLO-20320 Fix
Server GUI Tutorial: DWHExample monitors are not imported
CLO-20311 Fix
All Files Disappear When Converting Local Project to Server Project
CLO-20032 Fix
Jobs failing due to cluster sync timeouts
CLO-20023 Fix
PostgreSQLDataWriter Parameters Malfunction
CLO-16953 Fix
Email Sending Event Listener Produces Generic Error Message
CLO-11903 Fix
Parquet drag & drop actions do not work
CLO-20905 Fix
Metadata complains about wrong default value with excel: format
CLO-13801 Fix
SPREADSHEET_READER fails to extract metadata from hadoop
CLO-13013 Fix


Missing null json elements when mapping into variant
CLO-21274 Compatibility
Update data policy handling in SpreadsheetReader
CLO-20801 Compatibility
Make SpreadsheetDataReader mapping case insensitive
CLO-20574 Compatibility
June 23, 2021 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.11 5.11.0
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  • For Administrators (Improvements or features that will help setup, install, administer and manage the platform)
  • For Support (Helps staff supporting the production environment to identify and escalate potential problems or avoid such)
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