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As our last feature release of 2022, CloverDX 5.17 brings further enhancements that improve how you can work with CloverDX Libraries and CloverDX Marketplace allowing you to build more powerful and user-friendly connectors. Libraries now support configuration parameters and initialization job when installed. Shortcut for adding the official CloverDX Marketplace is just a cherry on top.

Users of Data Services will benefit from improved automated documentation, compatible with Swagger ecosystem.

Larger changes affected FlatFileReader, which now supports standard BOM (Byte Order Mark) of UTF encoded files. New autofilling functions allow you to trace back data errors into source files for easier error handling and reporting

Variant data type is now natively supported by both MongoDBReader and MongoDBWriter, dramatically improving development comfort and efficiency when working with MongoDB.

In this release we are dropping support for deployment of CloverDX Server into IBM WebSphere, JBoss EAP and Oracle WebLogic. Our support for previous releases (prior to CloverDX 5.17) remains unchanged and we will support deployments in these application servers according to our product lifecycle.

New features in 5.17

CloverDX Libraries

Changes and additions to Libraries make deployments more versatile. Library configuration is extended with a new screen to allow you to set global parameters and to initialize the library. 

The initialization can be used for variety of purposes – optimize library performance, caching remote application’s metadata or to build lookups used internally and more. New features are leveraged by Hubspot and Xero connectors now available at CloverDX Marketplace

FlatFileReader improvements

Even in current complex use cases, CSV and similar flat file formats are still very popular. Our improvements allow FlatFileReader to automatically detect BOM (Byte Order Mark) of UTF-encoded documents which means you no longer need to deal with BOM manually in your jobs.

Moreover, FlatFileReader now supports two new autofilling functions which will assign row numbers for failing records as well as for successfully parsed ones. This will allow you to better understand where your data comes from and can be very useful in cases where you need to perform data reconciliation or track error sources.

Support for variant in MongoDB components

Variant data type is now supported in both MongoDBReader and MongoDBWriter. This addition uses efficient data exchange between both MongoDB and CloverDX using native formats, skipping expensive (de)serialization. Using variant as data transfer method may increase efficiency and therefore performance of your solutions while allowing you to work with MongoDB native data layouts which may be useful for other 3rd party tools.

Updated support of application servers

In this release we are streamlining deployment options for CloverDX Server. CloverDX 5.17 and future releases will no longer support deployments into IBM WebSphere, JBoss EAP and Oracle WebLogic. We will focus on improving support for the remaining application stacks:

  • Eclipse Temurin JDK 11 + Apache Tomcat 9
  • Bellsoft Liberica OpenJDK 11 + VMWare tc Server 4.1
  • RedHat OpenJDK 11 + Red Hat JBoss Web Server 5.4
  • IBM JDK 8 + Open Liberty 22

Smaller updates

Added FROM header for notification emails
When setting up automated notifications, emails can be sent with custom sender information allowing administrators to distinguish alerts from various applications.

Sorting in “Add Component” dialogue 
In Designer when Add Component dialogue is used, sort is now case insensitive, improving overall user friendliness. 

To help you install or upgrade to this version, we've prepared a simple checklist:

Before You Upgrade

  • Be sure to check the "Compatibility" notes for ALL intermediary releases. We mark all changes that can potentially alter the function of your existing transformations with a "Compatibility" label. Typically, you can safely ignore most of them, as we try hard to keep as much backwards compatibility as possible. There's a comprehensive list of all releases that will help you get the information quickly.
  • Upgrade Designer and Server together. We always release Designer and Server together under a single version. It's highly recommended to upgrade Server and all Designers at the same time. Although using different versions of Designer to connect to Server might work, it is not generally supported.
  • There are no incremental patches. We don't release incremental patches. Every upgrade is in fact a full installation that, if installed over the older version, will automatically update whatever is necessary in your workspaces, sandboxes, and Server databases as needed, no user data will get overwritten.
  • Don't forget to backup. Although none of the above upgrade steps requires explicit backup, we recommend you always back up your work. The upgrade will keep all your transformations, jobflows, and configurations safe. However, as a good word of advice, it never hurts to have a backup.

Designer Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. If you lost your credentials or no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Install the new version of Designer. You can install Designer over your existing installation. The process will automatically clean up the old version. Don't worry, you will NOT lose your workspaces, graphs, and transformations. However, if you installed some additional plugins to Designer (Eclipse plugins) you might need to reinstall them. Eclipse should automatically help you do that. When you start the application, point it to your existing workspace directory. With some major releases, we may notify you about upgrading the workspace to the latest version. In such cases, you won't be able to use the workspace with previous versions—be sure to upgrade ALL Designers at once if you're sharing the workspace.
  • Activate the product on first start. You will need a new key as we issue new license keys for every new major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0). If you're on our maintenance program, we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license keys from there. If you can't find the latest keys, please contact us to renew your product maintenance.

Server Upgrade

  • Download the latest version by logging into your customer account. You'll find Server in the same list as Designer downloads. If you no longer have access there, click here to recover your password or contact our CloverCARE Support.
  • Plan for downtime. Upgrading Server requires downtime, so plan your upgrades in advance. If you're running multiple environments, upgrade the non-production installation first and run all your tests there first.
  • Follow our step-by-step Server Upgrade Guide. We've prepared detailed instructions on how to properly shut down Server and install a new one. Server will upgrade its database and sandboxes from any previous version automatically.
  • Activate the product on the login screen of Server Console. Server requires new license keys with every major version (e.g. from 4.9 to 5.0) and we automatically renew the keys for you. Just go to the License Keys again and copy/paste the license key from there.


Release Compatibility/Upgrade notes, Features & Fixes Published Download


XML Extract Java heap space out of memory error when processing large files
CLO-26121 Fix


Server audit log contains user console login password in plaintext
CLO-25724 Security
Server audit log contains master password / secure params in plaintext
CLO-23822 Security
Plaintext secure strings in server’s Overview tab
CLO-25056 Security
April 13, 2023 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.17 5.17.3


WebServiceClient - Timeout property always defaults to 60 seconds
CLO-25554 Fix
JSONExtract returns null value when array is empty
CLO-25455 Fix
February 28, 2023 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.17 5.17.2


Configure POI buffer limit
CLO-25107 Improvement


Dynamic parameters - performance problem
CLO-25215 Fix
Library documentation page is not displayed
CLO-25283 Fix
Library repositories tab initialization doesn't work
CLO-25155 Fix
Scrollbar in libraries module does not work properly
CLO-25144 Fix
January 31, 2023 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.17 5.17.1


Library configuration
CLO-24720 Improvement
Library initialization
CLO-24721 Improvement
A button for adding the CloverDX Marketplace
CLO-24712 Improvement
Add a label to Repositories in Server UI
CLO-24576 Improvement
Disable possibility to link Library as Server project from Designer
CLO-24021 Improvement
Improve parameter types in libraries
CLO-24930 Improvement
Usage of library administration permission
CLO-24831 Improvement
Library.json and libraries.json compatibility
CLO-24699 Improvement
Create marketplace descriptor
CLO-24499 Improvement

Data Services

Export data types and other attributes of Data Service parameters to Swagger YAML
CLO-24212 Improvement
Export Summary attribute for Data Service in its Swagger file
CLO-24210 Improvement
Export Summary attribute for Data Service in its Swagger file CLO-24209 Export Data Service Category as Swagger tag
CLO-24210 Improvement
Allow downloading of Swagger definition for all Data Services
CLO-24208 Improvement


Add support for variant into MongoDBReader and MongoDBWriter
CLO-23834 Improvement
Add a hint to the MongoDB Driver Library
CLO-23746 Improvement


Allow usage of jobflow in Designer
CLO-23493 Improvement

HL7 Reader

HL7Reader - Throw human readeable error if charset recognition fails
CLO-24494 Improvement
HL7 - Improve log message when custom xml schema file is invalid
CLO-24471 Improvement


Add link to execution history from library configuration panel
CLO-24868 Improvement
Add option 'from' in an email notification by Schedules and Event Listeners
CLO-24551 Improvement
Autofilling row_count functions skip rows excluded by FlatFileReader's controlled or lenient Data Policy
CLO-24530 Improvement
FlatFileReader - handle UTF BOM automatically
CLO-24482 Improvement
Sorting in Add component
CLO-23236 Improvement
Max number of records per source in FFR doesn't work correctly without using metadata with Autofilling source_name
CLO-24420 Improvement
Remove groovy-test dependencies
CLO-25025 Improvement


CVE FIX - Upgrade embedded Tomcat to v9.0.68
CLO-24886 Security
CVE FIX - Upgrade testng jquery 3.5.1
CLO-24775 Security
CVE FIX - Upgrade jackson-databind to v2.14.0
CLO-24668 Security


Null pointer exception when streaming from edge in spreadsheet reader
CLO-24559 Fix
EmailReader Error when Reading Email Body - NullPointerException
CLO-24542 Fix
A wrong label when deleting a repository
CLO-24538 Fix
Library repository loading cannot be stopped
CLO-24474 Fix
Data Services Swagger export sometimes contains X-Clover-Save-Run-Record parameter
CLO-24213 Fix
Broken layout of Schedule menu
CLO-23769 Fix
EmailSender attachment from SMB fails at runtime
CLO-15028 Fix


Drop support for Server deployments on WebSphere 9
CLO-24734 Compatibility
Drop support for Server deployments on JBoss EAP
CLO-23500 Compatibility
Drop support for Server deployments on WebLogic 12
CLO-23499 Compatibility
Designer crashes on MacOS Ventura when attempting to connect to Server using SSO
CLO-24899 Compatibility
FlatFileReader - handle UTF BOM automatically
CLO-24482 Compatibility
December 13, 2022 Documentation Download CloverDX 5.17 5.17.0
  • For Developers (Improvements most useful for developers bringing new functionality or optimizations in data transformation and orchestration)
  • For Administrators (Improvements or features that will help setup, install, administer and manage the platform)
  • For Support (Helps staff supporting the production environment to identify and escalate potential problems or avoid such)
  • For Security (Improvements and changes relevant to security focused staff – sys admins and developers alike)